Rolling Pins with Rurality Embossing
Rolling Pins with Rurality Embossing
Rolling Pins with Rurality Embossing
Rolling Pins with Rurality Embossing

Rolling Pins with Rurality Embossing

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Rolling Pins with Rurality Embossing


Looking for an easy way to give your favorite cutout cookies an elegant finish without all the tricks of fancy frostings? Look no further than an Embossed Rolling Pin. These engraved rolling pins are engraved with textures and designs that give cookies a pretty appearance without the extras.

Once you see the amazing things an embossed rolling pin can do, you'll wonder how you don't have one already!

Our rolling pins are embossed with beautiful patterns that will transform your baking into beautiful works of art! All of our patterns are meticulously detailed and engraved deep into the wood for maximum effectiveness.

They add a beautiful and professional-looking finish to your baking in mere seconds, perfect for adding some additional spark or glamour to your baking creations, making it very versatile for all your baking needs.

Using our embossed rolling pins will bring joy to you and your loved ones and ensure that your cookies, pies and other baking becomes the talk of your town or neighborhood!

Although cookies are clearly the first food that comes to mind when we see these rolling pins, it's not the only treat you can make with them. The pins would work well to roll out other pastry dough, fondant, or to add interest to the top of fudge recipes (roll before cutting into pieces) and other goodies.

Any of these kitchen utensils would be a thoughtful gift for your favorite baker, and of course, it's also something to put on your own wish list for Santa. Great fun for kids with Cookie Dough, Play-Doh, or Salt Dough and also useful in pottery. 

Imagine being able to easily give your pottery a beautiful decorative texture in seconds! This is undoubtedly a perfect present that we're able to use to make treats for our loved ones is a gift that keeps on giving.


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  • Boxwood
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